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Report A Hate Incident

Every year, more than 200,000 people are estimated to be victims of hate crimes. While annual FBI statistics vastly undercount the number of hate crimes committed each year, it is important to understand your options for reporting if you are a victim.

Below are resources for reporting and understanding hate crimes.

Contact your local FBI field office or submit a tip directly to the FBI.

Contact your elected officials.

"What to Do If You’ve Been The Victim of a Hate Crime"

"Hate Crimes, Explained"

If you would like to confidentially document a hate crime with researchers and investigators at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, you can use this form to report a hate incident. Please note that this is purely for monitoring and documenting incidents, and we will be unable to investigate your submission.

Date Incident Occurred *
E.g., Jun 19 2023
Location of Incident